When adopting a dog from On The Mend Dog Rescue, know they are not perfect!  All dogs that have been surrendered to us have been abused or neglected by the people they once trusted.

Once a dog is surrendered On The Mend Dog Rescue, a rigorous training routine is conducted at my home.  The dogs are then reassessed and go up for adoption.  These dogs are given a second chance at a good life.  Some dogs required a little, some dogs require a lot.  What relationship doesn’t need upkeep? 

Contact us and let’s see if we can find the right dog to fit your lifestyle.

Once you take your dog home, let us show you how to maintain a balanced relationship by being a great pack leader with our support programs – keeping you On The Mend - and they’ll show you a love without boundaries!

Here are some of our dogs available for adoption!


[Big Red] Barron
Barron is 13 month old, neutered pit bull terrier who is looking for a pack leader to take care of him.

Barron is a dominant, confident dog that is willing to please! A very good combination if you are looking to have fun with a dog and have time to teach him stuff. Social with dogs, good with cats and has no issues with food, he is also kennel trained. You must be a firm, calm person[s] to keep him balanced, his high drive kicks in if you are not careful.

To come out and meet this beauty, contact us, but do it quick, he is growing on me...

As we do have a few dogs in the process of re-habilitation that may require special pack leaders, please contact us, you may just be the one!



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