When adopting a dog from On The Mend Dog Rescue, know they are not perfect!  All dogs that have been surrendered to us have been abused or neglected by the people they once trusted.

Once a dog is surrendered On The Mend Dog Rescue, a rigorous training routine is conducted at my home.  The dogs are then reassessed and go up for adoption.  These dogs are given a second chance at a good life.  Some dogs required a little, some dogs require a lot.  What relationship doesn’t need upkeep? 

Contact us and let’s see if we can find the right dog to fit your lifestyle.

Once you take your dog home, let us show you how to maintain a balanced relationship by being a great pack leader with our support programs – keeping you On The Mend - and they’ll show you a love without boundaries!

Here are some of our dogs available for adoption!


Ruby Sue
Ruby Sue is a 3 month old lab mix. She is spayed and utd with her shots.

Ruby Sue has been aptitude tested and looks like she would be great as a companion dog, or a dog with a job. She is very intelligent and wants to please. She travels well, loves other dogs and cats but always comes back to the human for direction and affection. She is crate trained and shows great recall every time used!

If you would like to have this well balanced dog as your companion, let's chat about her future with you!

Gracie as a 4 year old spayed GSD looking for a strong pack leader to bond with.

She was adopted but returned due to her being uncomfortable with children. She is great with obedience and awesome with verbal commands. She is crate trained and house broken. Has some issues with guarding food from other dogs, but none with humans. Gracie is in need of a stable environment with little traffic to encourage her anxiety. Gracie was also trained with an e-collar to help her with chasing cars!

Do you think Gracie is the right companion for you? Come out for a visit...

Dalia is a spayed shepherd mix born June 16, 2014. She is an affectionate dog who loves to be in a pack environment. She is social with dogs and can become quite dominant in play. She will be curious and polite with cats. She is very shy with strangers. She has no food or toy issues.

Dalia is great on a leash and is crate trained. She should not be your first dog as the "wild side" of her will be a challenge. Digging, stealing and chewing are signs of a busy mind... as she only does these when you are not looking! Dalia would be a good candidate for agility.

If you would like to have this dog as your loyal companion, come out and meet her...

A few of our residents are in some stage of rehabilitation. If you think you have what it takes to be the right pack leader some of these special cases need, please inquire...

All our dogs are temperament tested for potential dangers prior to adoption.

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a specific type or breed of dog, please let us know...



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